> the soul story.

Luxembourg designer Sacha Cooper discovered his love for fashion early on and after high school went on to study at first at ESMOD in Munich, Germany. It was after the first 2 semesters and 2 school prizes in the pocket that he felt needing more and changed to the private fashion academy AMD ('Akademie für Mode & Design) in Duesseldorf, Germany, where he won one more contest and successfully graduated in 2005 as the only male student in years. However, upon graduating, the journey to becoming a designer proved difficult.

Despite a designer job backstage during Rihanna's concert in 2010 - where he had to pimp her costumes - it is only in 2012 all changed when he participated in a charity fashion show with his collection ‘Heartache.' The participation and success were the beginning establishment of Cooper Hotcooture and many awards have followed.

The concept and key points are simple: offering subtle sexiness, affordable still wearable couture and more importantly unique designs that are handmade in Luxembourg. The label offers own collections but also custom made designs (such as unique wedding gowns, personalized dresses or bridesmaid gowns) by including the ordering customer into the whole process from the first sketches to the choice of fabric(s) and the final design.

The idea for the name of the label came out during a saturday night out with friends. It was a very hot summer night when they suddenly started joking around that it's 'too hot for couture'. As the official term 'haute couture' cannot be used without approval he decided to name it after his last name and simply add 'Hotcooture' by playing around with the words and sound of 'haute (hot) couture (cooture)'.

Over the last few years Sacha Cooper could continue the success with further collections such as 'Everybody's sweethard' (2013), 'Amour noir' (2014), 'sins are tempting daily' (2015) or 'PAST|ELLE' (2015).

He usually offers only one full collection per year to keep exclusivity and it was only in 2015 that Cooper Hotcooture had 2 collections.

The last one is another detail to be mentioned. He had already collaborations with many photographers and is always paying attention that the style of the photographer matches with the look and story of his designs.

Besides the several prizes he won during his studies in Germany the biggest one was the win of the JBC fashion contest in 2013. With nearly 80 participants and being the only luxembourgish participating designer he reached the most votes and was 1 out of 3 winners of this belgian design award. The prize: 3 designs of his especially for this contest created collection 'Sophisticated Avengers' - an hommage to the old Hitchcock movies - were produced and sold in several selected JBC stores.

The inspiration for his designs comes from everything: music, life, love, the mood of a series (such as Season 3 of 'American Horror - Coven' for his 2014 collection 'Amour Noir'), a vacation or even a pair of shoes seen on someone in the streets. The love is in the detail: from the choice and word play of the collection's name with a twist to a personal experience to the selection of fabrics and pattern mixes.

Sacha Cooper and the label Cooper Hotcooture are convinced that fashion should be more than just a seasonal trend. The brand reserves its right to refuse any custom made request in case it would not fit into the concept or style of the

Cooper Hotcooture: A label bringing fashion onto your body since 2012 and moreover the very first fashion label from Luxembourg that participated at Vancouver Fashion Week in March 2017! To be continued ...